Sermon Preview

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Hey Everyone,

          God commands us not only to pray, but to pray “persistently”!  But why continue to pray?  Hasn’t God already heard us the first time?  Are we trying to wear God down by repeating the same prayer over and over?  Does God need to be pestered? Are we waiting for God to finally say, “OK!  Enough!  I’ll answer your prayer even though I didn’t want to!”

          The answer is absolutely not!  There are FOUR reasons why God wants us to continue in prayer!  Come at 10:00am Sunday and find out what those four reasons are!


God bless and can’t wait to see you Sunday at 10:00am,

Pastor Eric


PS.  Join us for our Coffee House on Saturday, Oct 27th at 7pm to hear Brendan Nally, AC 4:8 and Erik Michael!!