Preview for Living Hope

Hey Living Hope,

            Yesterday I wrote to you about re-opening the “in-sanctuary” service.  The response was much like this whole pandemic has been: many people very excited and also many other people having very strong opinions on OPPOSITE sides of the re-opening issue. 

I can’t put into words how badly I want to “re-open” and how deeply I want to see all of you folks!!  But I would also like to walk together as a “family” as we travel through these unprecedented times.  Could we wait at least one more week to make sure we are marching together and in unity? 

Thank you again for your patience with all of us as we all try our best to navigate our church through the “quick sand” all around us!

God bless and can’t wait to SEE you at “Drive-In” church or connect with you on- line with the pre-recorded “Live Streaming” service!

Pastor Eric